about con.wal

John P. O’Connell

John O’Connell is experienced in seven different industries: Consumer products, banking, Fast Food, Alcohol, Oil & Renewable Energy, and presently Real Estate. In each industry he held a number of different roles such as National Sales Vice President, National Marketing Vice Present, President, or owner. At one point he held three positions: President of a Renewable Energy Company, owner of three fast food stores, and owner of West Chester Off-Campus Housing. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree from Saint Joseph’s University, a Master’s degree in Marketing from Pace University, and an Advanced Management Degree from Harvard University. Presently, serving as Director of First Resource Bank, a community bank serving Chester and Delaware counties.

Over the last thirty-five years, John, along with his wife Linda O’Connell, have built a diverse Real Estate portfolio with a number of different asset classes: Student Housing, Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Most notably, John and Linda founded West Chester Off-Campus Housing, which has grown to be the largest provider of Off-Campus housing serving West Chester University students.

Charlie J. Walsh

Charles Walsh has over fifteen years of experience in Real Estate. After graduating from West Chester University of Pennsylvania he focused on being proficient in areas of management, value add development, and ground up construction. As he gained his footing in property rehabilitation, repositioning, and financing projects he became killed at originating and underwriting, as well as managing a variety of real estate transactions. In 2012, he founded West Chester Property Solutions, a private property management company establishing improvement projects for various asset classes of investment grade Real Estate. Charles’ partnership with John over the years has grown a mutual affinity for the next stage of what Real Estate Development has become. In 2021, Con.Wal Development was started to bring a new attraction to the West Chester Borough. Through the leadership of both John O’Connell and Charles Walsh, Con.Wal Development is primed to become a leading developer of historical buildings.